Hydration Booster (Nano Mist Sprayer)

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The Hydration booster Mist device is becoming the newest skincare trend that will upgrade every skincare routine. This device is perfect especially to those who have dry skin-types. It utilizes nanotechnology to convert water into a mist of nanoscale proportions in just a minute. 


Has a Micro USB cable, Nano Mist Sprayer device, and warranty card good for 1 month. This device can also be used as a disinfectant.


For Skincare: 

  • Wash your face thoroughly
  • Use this device before every skincare routine for 1-2mins. (use drinking water on the device for your face. Avoid using tap water) 


As a Disinfectant: 

  • Refill the water tank with 70% rubbing alcohol and turn on the device. 
  • Face the device on the product that you want to disinfect.