Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

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A skin scrubber that is perfect for sensitive skin; Gently exfoliates the face and removes dirt on clogged pores; Improves appearance of acne; Removes blackheads; Reduces fine lines and wrinkles; Improves collagen and elastin production for firming & tightening.



  • Skin cleansing mode- by using water emulsion, the scrubber can effectively remove unwanted dirt as you slowly move the electric scrubber facing down around your face 
  • Import nutrition mode- by using the scrubber facing upwards and moving it around your face with a serum, it can import the necessary nutrition in your skin 2x better than only using your fingers


  • Start with Skin Cleansing Mode: Make sure to have a wet face. Start by spraying some water on your face (for better results, you may use our hydration booster mist device and face it on of your face until wet). 
  • Turn on the ultrasonic skin scrubber Device and move the device upwards from your cheek area and proceed to other parts of your face. Use the device for for 3-5mins 
  • Pat your face with a dry towel and put your toner, serums & moisturizers and proceed to import nutrition mode 
  • Proceed with Import Nutrition Mode: Use the back part of the device to massage on your face in order to make the absorption of your skincare products faster